Technology Platforms

Auritec Pharmaceuticals owns three classes of patents or exclusive licenses in the field of sustained release delivery: Versa intravaginal rings and implants The Plexis injectable sustained-release platform and Co-drug technologies. The Versa platform is Auritec’s flagship technology.

Using the Versa technology we developed the ganciclovir implant, Vitrasert® and Retisert®, the only FDA-approved antiviral drug delivery devices. This platform is utilized for developing sustained release intravaginal rings and implants of a wide range of solubilities over the timescale of months to years.  This technology has proven to lead to expedited regulatory approval, is covered by an established patent portfolio, and has been proven to work in pivotal trials and 15 years of clinical use in more than 15,000 patients. Current indications for the Versa technology include Type II diabetes, endometriosis, fibroids, HIV and herpes prophylaxis. We are also developing this platform for other disease indications, including acromegaly, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, breast cancer, terminal pain and reducing addiction potential.

The Plexis injectable platform may be used for the depot delivery of a broad range of indications, including the treatment of schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, graft rejection, arthritis, macular edema, HIV and post-surgical pain. 

The Codrugs injectable platform is being developed for the oral delivery of a broad range of indications, including the treatment of Alzhemier’s and atherosclerosis.