CONRAD funds a collaboration with Oak Crest Institute of Science to develop multidrug microbicide rings

Pasadena, CA. May 1, 2009

Auritec Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce a collaboration with Oak Crest Institute of Science (OCIS) in the development of intravaginal rings that release the microbicide tenofovir in combination with the anti-herpes drug acyclovir and the microbicide UC781 in combination with the birth control hormone levonorgestrel.  This work is funded by CONRAD. 

The broad goal of this project is to empower women to protect themselves from HIV infection through the development of improved vaginal ring microbicide formulations based on a sustained release drug delivery platform that will allow for the use of multiple agents. Both projects will involve manufacturing the multidrug rings, testing the in vitro release and then testing the in vivo release in an animal model.  With these two projects, Auritec will confirm the Versa platform's ability to release multiple drugs of a wide range of solubilities.

Auritec Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a small company based in Santa Monica and Pasadena, California, specializing in innovative, extended release drug delivery systems. Auritec was founded by Thomas J Smith, MD and Gary Ransom. Dr Smith was previously Medical Director and Chairman at Control Delivery Systems, Inc. (CDS), where he was the co-founder, PI on key patents and remains a significant shareholder. Dr Smith is joined on Auritec's management team by Gary Ransom, a seasoned international business executive, who focuses on strategy, marketing and business development.

Auritec has developed a novel approach to extended release drug delivery with implications so far for indications including schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, herpes and HIV/AIDS. Auritec’s primary objective is to develop and test the use of its Plexis and Versa platforms in a wide range of drug classes, and subsequently license the technology to key partners to continue development, trials and eventual commercialization.